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Brazilian Wax Near Me Orlando

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Give a feeling of freedom to yourself and your body by getting rid of unwanted hair. We all want to look perfect and stand out in the crowd. Waxing is a treatment people used to do for many years. You can also avail yourself of it. Find us easily by searching for the best Bikini wax salon near me or a professional  Brazilian wax near me.

Welcome to Amber Beauty Center. You came to the right place for the best waxing service in Orlando. If you’re a regular in waxing or a newbie, we got you covered!

What is Waxing?

A quality body waxing includes the removal process of hair using hot and cold wax strips. The requirements depend on the client’s choice. The waxing will help you in giving a boost to your confidence. Once you feel motivated, you can slip into any outfit you love to wear.

Waxing can be applied to various parts of the body. At Amber Beauty Center, we offer the following high-quality waxing services.

Eyebrow waxing:

Eyebrow wax is a popular hair removal treatment that uses cold and hot wax strips. At Amber Beauty Center, our beauticians use micro-sized wax strips to clean and shape brows. However, applying hot wax shows better results. The waxing service is only $25.

Full arms and Hands

This waxing service includes waxing the arms and hands. Many women and girls with hairy arms use these services to eliminate embarrassment and feel more freedom. The full arms wax service is only $45.

Underarm wax

The underarm wax service is where a hard wax is applied in the same direction as the hair growth and then removed in the opposite direction. The waxing service only costs $25.

Full legs wax

Waxing your entire leg includes removing hair from the top of your thighs to the base of your ankles (front and back). Leg Waxing prices start at $65.

Brazilian Bikini wax

Brazilian Bikini Wax removes hair from the edges of the bikini line, thighs and below the navel. This waxing method removes all hair from the pubic area – above, behind, and around every corner. Different waxers use different types of wax, so it’s important to research which type is best for your skin before making your appointment.

Here are what we offer in a bikini wax.

  • Brazilian Bikini (Front) $43 (30 min)
  • Brazilian Bikini (Back) $53 (60 min)
  • Brazilian Front & Under arms $66 (60 min)

Our waxing procedur:

Depending on the type of waxing, our experts waxers perform body waxing with the following procedure:


The first step is cleaning. Our aestheticians clean the skin where the wax will apply. It is cleaned to remove dirt, oils, moistures, or other impurities.

Wax application

The second step is the application of wax. The wax is applied to the hair in the direction of growth and removed in the opposite direction. A cloth or other useful material is placed over the wax. The fabric is smoothed against the hair growth to help it glide smoothly.

Removal of wax

Once the process is complete, the results will be visible. The hair is pulled off the roots in the opposite direction, removing it completely. The client may feel a moment of discomfort when the wax is removed. But it doesn’t last long. An antiseptic lotion is applied to the skin to soothe it.

Benefits of Body Waxing

The best thing about a waxing service is that the process pulls the hair out from the roots. This decreases the rate of hair growth. It also makes the hairs thin when they grow back. However, it takes more weeks compared to shaving.

The waxing gives the skin a firm and smooth appearance. On the one hand, shaving only removes the hair from the skin’s surface. On the other hand, using a hair removal cream or wax will remove more hair than shaving alone.

Tips before waxing:

Please note the following points when using the body waxing service.

  • Do not shave or use tweezers 10-14 days before waxing service
  • Do not remove ingrown hair 4-5 days before booking
  • Exfoliating is recommended 24 hours before body waxing.

Tips after waxing

Follow these tips when the waxing is done to get the most effective results. Take a hot shower, apply moisturizers or tanning lotions for at least one day, and use sunblock if the esthetician recommends.

So, what are you waiting for?

For the best waxing place, visit Amber Beauty Center. You don’t have to search for a wax salon near me anymore. We’re here to get it all covered.

If you need waxing services, please call us if you have any questions. You can also book an appointment online. We’ll make you stand out more!

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